Miss Teen Social Entrepreneur SA is a Female Youth Empowerment & Entrepreneurship program. Designed to identify young women in the community which epitomise the key qualities of leadership, talent, motivation and the celebration of inner beauty, individuality, diversity and womanhood.

Our program is NOT a beauty pageant but centered around young girls in High School who are eager to make a tangible difference while creating awareness around social responsibility as well as developing social entrepreneurship skills. Building an ecosystem of future female entrepreneurs. Focused on providing a platform where ALL young women can gain the confidence, knowledge, skills and tools to create their own sustainable businesses while making a positive social impact. These young women are ambassadors for their schools, communities, SA & the rest of the world.

Our programme

Boost your confidence

Learn how to make your presence felt when talking to a crowd, in a crowd and when talking to the media. Receive instruction on faciliting a media campaign and getting speaking engagements. Practice getting your point across eloquently and professionally.

Prepare for the world of work

Learn how to conduct yourself in interviews and at work. Receive instruction on the correct demeanor and aesthetics to ensure that you make a positive impression. Practice participating in an interview and get tips to help you improve.

Impact your community

Get the tools to create and run a successful social enterprise. Learn how to spot an opportunity, validate your proposed solution, test your solution in the market at a low scale. Then learn how to present the solution to potential funders and build a sustainable social enterprise to take your solution to market.